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This programme is doing well and we are quite happy with report findings from the community where our children live. The parents and all other care givers are very happy because this programme has helped the youths who were idle and now are engaged in productive activities.

Reports also said that their ways of viewing the world has changed, some of them had developed anger and bitterness but now they are acting responsible and are free and approachable unlike before. The parents of the following children gave this information, Mayanja Robert, male, 16 years could not talk to his guardian before, he would leave home in the morning and would come in the night and no one would dare ask him. But ever since he joined the project for carpentry training he has changed and can now talk freely with his siblings and guardian and they are grateful to that effect.

Others are Sadat Katende 17 yrs (male) , Owokorach Gerald who is now our Head prefect, Nakabuye Asia (female). There are many such youths in our country and Africa at large and if not helped they can end in deadly actions like the recent Al shabab groups. They are promised a lot of money to their relatives if they can fulfill their mission and foolishly they accept because they feel hopeless. Potential Edge at large is doing a lot to help and save the young generation. Their message is that if the Project would expand the number of the intake to help many and also other areas of training many would be saved from doing wrong things.

The children have had one monthís holiday and have opened today the 31st of August for their last semester. During their holiday we encouraged them and linked them with local artisans for some experiential learning on how to talk to customers, how to cost and bargain with customers. Some of them were successfully and got the opportunity of getting places for attachment and we are yet to get the feedback from them.

Post Vocational
The field officers have also just concluded a follow up exercise of the 28 who were graduated and awarded with settlement package and the findings is very encouraging. The majority of them are working. Some are working from their home and they are using their home verandas to do the work and a few of them have managed to get places at the trading centers.

These are the findings:
Blessed Annet has managed to mobilise some funds and rented a place at the trading centre at Kirombe at 15,000 UG Shs approx. 6.5 US D and she said from the savings that she made she got a house of 30,000 UG shillings approx. 13 US.D and also bought a mattress of 70,000 UG Shs approx.30 US.D. She said she earns at least 5,000 UG Shs per day and she is planning to open up a bank account so that she saves her incomes and with that she is grateful with the offer from the project.

Namara Monica says she gets at least 2000 to 5000 UG Shs per day and she has helped 2 project girls during this holiday Nabasirye Brenda and Namayanja Fiona who went to her for the holiday attachment for the experiential learning and we are also grateful to the offer she rendered to these girls. Her guardian gave her a soft loan to rent a place so that she can refund the money when she settles.

Namukolachi Bright is renting a place from the money her relatives mobilised for her and she is also making about 3000 to 10,000 UG Shs per day and she says she is also collecting some money so that she can buy some materials from town so that she can make more clothes and display the already made dresses for sell to supplement on what she gets from sewing customers clothes.

Nanziri Finah works from her grandmothers shop verandah and she says she only get those who bring to her to mend and she gets about 1000 to 2000 UG Shs per day and with that she is making savings so that she can buy materials to make already made dresses to show to people because they have not known that she can make good dresses. Her grandmother sells foods stuffs and the kind of customers she gets only bring their old clothes for mending.

Achen Ritah with her sewing machine, a certain business lady is hiring her to help make dresses for sell and she pays her 2000 UG Shs per day and she also provides lunch everyday so she earns about 60,000 UG Shs per month. The field officers also encouraged her to open up a bank account so that she can mobilise her own capital for the future. Achen was one the beneficiary in back to school programme in Mbuya Church of UG Primary School who could not cope up with studies and dropped out. Her twin sister conceived and we advised her to join tailoring class.

Namayo Juliet is also working from her Auntie's home and she also mainly mends clothes because she has not enough capital to buy materials but she makes about 1000 to 2000 UG Shs per day. She is also saving to buy materials to make dresses for sell but she is supplementing by buying tomatoes, green vegetables, sweet bananas that she sells to increase on her daily incomes.

Luka Byamukama (male) is working from home and he says he earns about 1000 to 2000 UG Shs per day but the Auntie said that he would be making more money but he does not sit on the machine throughout, customers come when he is not there he would be getting more. He was encouraged to settle so that people can get used to him. Namuhonje Oliver also works from home and she earns about 2500 to 5000 shillings per day and she said she is saving so that she can move to a trading center where she can get many customers. Her mother is happy with her work because at times when she has no money to buy food for home Oliver gives her to buy for her siblings.

Naigaga Anitah also placed her sewing machine at her home and she makes at least 500-2000 UG Shs per day and this helps her to buy domestic things like salt, soap, and milk for her daughter and she is happy with the offer. She dropped out of school when her mother died and she got married at an early age so she was considered because her age fell within our recommended age and her so-called husband was seen once in a while.

Auma Linet works from her Auntie's home on the verandah where she placed her sewing machines and she gets people who bring for her clothes to mend. She lost both of her parents because of HIV/AIDS. They were left 2 girls and all were born with HIV Virus. We had earlier on trained her younger sister Peninah Mugenyi who was in our second lot who graduated and she went to the village when the care taker could not take care of both of them because she also has a big family. They are both taking Anti Retrioviral Drugs for their survival. When she was visited the Auntie requested that if PET-UG would also consider Peninah's case so that she can get a sewing machine to enable earn something.

Barbirye Christine also works from her home and she gets 500 to 1000 shs per day.

Okiror Calvin says he hasnít got where to work from but he at times works from Mr.Adoko Maxwell, their trainer's work shop when he gets work but he does some part time work as a guard and he is mobilsing to open a joint work shop with other boys who finished together. But in his house he has made himself a side board.

Owora Emmanuel is planning with Calvin to make the joint workshop. He is also doing the same part time work as a guard. He has also made a table with his tools for his house.

Mulwanyi David is employed but he is irregular at work because he goes fetching water for people but he is paid 1000 UG shs whenever he works.

Kisakye Rogers is employed at a certain workshop in Nambole and he is paid 5000 UG Shs per day but he intends to join the joint workshop business.

Okello Thomas is not yet employed but he does part time construction work and he also plans to open his personal workshop when he raises the money for rentals.

Friday sula is doing part time work with a cleaning firm to raise money to begin his workshop but he said there is a restaurant which has requested him to make tables and he is doing it for them where he will be paid some. Pamella Atieno and Caroline Akulo are working with AGOA and they are paid 80,0000 UG Shs per month. However they sit on their sewing machines only on weekends. They are planning that when they raise enough capital they will open up their own workshop because where they are, they make shirts, shorts, T-shirts, skirts and dresses for exports for AGOA (African Growth Opportunity Act).

Atim Oliver has gone back to the village in Northern Ugandan but when contacted on phone she said she is doing her work well and she is very grateful. Atim was raped when she was 13 years in P.6. and she conceived and produced a baby boy and her parents are taking care of the boy. With the money she will be able to pay for her son school fees because he is in primary 3.

Joan Ayo also went back to Gulu and Angeno Rwot Sophie to Kitgum but when tried to contact on phone we could not reach them but reliable sources say they are all working. They come from the northern part of Uganda where there has been LRA war for the last 2 decades.

Naffunja Sarah has not yet been reached because the family shifted and they did not communicate their new contact but we shall try to search.

Athieno Catherine went back to the village in Tororo in Bukunsu village but she is working from the trading center and she earns at least not less than 5,000 shs per day and on market days she sells more. She is also selling clothes. I talked to her on phone.

Ndayisenga Bernard could not be reached on phone because he went to the village in the western part of Uganda. We are indeed grateful for the generous support and will send more reports soon.

Thank you very much.

All from Christine, P.D.O


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